Are you ?
We the people ?

We the people , all have individual voices, let us hear your voice.


RUWETHEPEOPLE is THE place for finding our vision for the future. We are people who recognize the genius in the madness.

Ru we the people

What do we the people care about?

Use the form to tell us what message you think needs to be voiced by we the people.

What we the people are saying..

“We the people defend our descendants and their earth”
“We the people are thankful we now have truth and transparency “
R u we the people
“We the people assure honest judges for all.”
There's still time for we the people

Unity and individual rights

Unity and Individual Rights

Honest judges

Honest Judge

We are

We are

We are

We are (I am) grateful for the chance to serve you.

We the people all are ever expanding and becoming and at this very second older than we’ve ever been and younger than we will ever be again. We are all one yet individuals and when that is obvious to all we the people will have it all.

Chris Bradley​


Chris Bradley

General Counsel


Chris Bradley

Chief Operating Officer

RUWETHEPEOPLE is committed to an inspired future in a peaceful and abundant world. We are gratefully working toward this end by creating messages that will resonate with like minded beings across the universe.

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